Kent C. Dodds

ES6 and Beyond

Salt Lake City, UT


  • Simple ES6 features like let, const, and template literals
  • New object and array operators and syntax like destructuring, rest and spread, and object literal syntax enhancements
  • New function syntax and operators like arrow functions and rest/spread
  • Data structures like Map/Set and their weak counterparts
  • How to use Promises effectively
  • How and when to use async/await
  • Really useful new APIs on built-ins like Object, String, Array, and even new syntax for RegExp
  • How and when to use public class fields to avoid issues with "this" bindings


The ECMAScript standard is now on a yearly release cycle. Keeping up with the latest features can make you more productive and your code more expressive and maintainable. In this workshop, we'll learn about the features from ES6 to today that you're likely to use and benefit from on a day-to-day basis.

Kent has been using and teaching the latest features of JavaScript with Babel for years. He represents PayPal on the TC39. Kent has taught thousands of developers the new and useful features of JavaScript.

About the instructor

Kent C. Dodds works at PayPal as a full stack JavaScript engineer. He represents PayPal on the TC39. He's actively involved in the open source community as a creator and contributor. He's an instructor on, Frontend Masters, and He's also a Google Developer Expert. He's happily married and the father of four kids.

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