Mike North

Progressive Web Fundamentals

May 17th-May 18th, 2018
San Francisco, CA
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  • Learn how to audit a web application for "Progressive Web Fitness" with Lighthouse, and to measure important performance metrics like "time to first load" and "time to interactive"
  • Take a "classic" client-side-rendered single-page app, and make it work offline, without changing a single line of the app's code
  • Get hands-on experience with IndexedDb, a worker-friendly nosql database that's built in to most browsers
  • Build an example of the App-Shell architecture, where large portions of the UI load almost instantly
  • Walk through a proper HTTP/2 server-side rendering setup, by putting a HTTP/2 proxy in front of node.js
  • Learn what you can do to keep your JavaScript code fast, by taking a look at some aspects of JavaScript engines, and taking advantage of some tools to keep us on the speedy path


Progressive web apps are fast and engaging when supported, but still provide a great baseline experience on less modern browsers. In this workshop, we'll begin with a “classic” single page app, it’s a bit bulky in size, has a slow initial load, doesn't work offline, and provides a very basic mobile web experience. We'll then enhance it in several ways, so that when key technologies are supported in your users’ browsers, their experience ends up being substantially better!

Mike is LinkedIn's deep expert in Progressive Web technologies (ServiceWorker in particular), and leads the effort to establish and teach PWA best practices across the company’s global product lines and engineering teams. Mike has led several teams to ship consumer-facing PWAs to production, and is eager to bring his 15 years of distributed system expertise to bear in designing rich and robust web experiences.

About the instructor

Mike works at LinkedIn, where he runs the Web Development Training Program, and is a Staff Engineer in Web Frameworks group. He spends most of his time ensuring that engineers throughout the company know how to get the most out of their tools, programming languages and libraries. Mike has produced 10 popular video courses for Frontend Masters, and has trained thousands of engineers all over the world through live workshops. Formerly, Mike was the CTO of Levanto Financial and Yahoo's Ads & Data UI Architect.

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Workshop runs 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM daily.

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