Sean Larkinn

Deploying Web Applications with Webpack

Seattle, WA


  • History of JavaScript, Module Systems, and Web Performance Practices Before Modules?
  • History of JavaScript, Module Systems, and Web Performance Practices
  • The webpack CLI
  • Essential Configuration
  • Production Configuration
  • Loading CSS, images and other assets as modules
  • Using Loaders
  • Authoring Loaders
  • Using Plugins
  • Authoring Plugins
  • Code Splitting
  • Code Sharing
  • Service Workers
  • Application Scenarios (and Trade-offs)
  • Building for Node.js
  • Building for Electron
  • Building for Library
  • Debugging
  • Build Performance
  • ...and a whole lot more


Get your assets out of the 90's with this comprehensive workshop on webpack. After two days you'll understand how to leverage webpack as a key piece of your front-end or Node.js architecture. You'll learn the core concepts and understand how to organize and compose webpack’s capabilities. You'll also learn to leverage webpack for high-performance techniques like code-splitting, long-term caching, and to write your own custom loaders and plugins! You'll also walk away understanding JavaScript modules, how they relate to high-performance web applications, and the confidence to make front-end architecture decisions that are right for your next project. 20% of profit will go to webpack open collective.

About the instructor

Sean is a former tech support rep turned software engineer. His passion for solving problems, and creating the web, turned into a love of JavaScript and teaching others about it. You know him as a maintainer of one of the most popular JavaScript libraries in the world: webpack. Sean is also a Technical Program Manager for Microsoft Edge. Sean is known for his conference talks and courses on webpack and his expertise and education around web performance.

Hosted by Avvo

9:30 AM to 4:30 PM Daily
Lunch provided

720 Olive Way #1400
Seattle, WA

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