Richard Feldman

Introduction to Elm

Apr 21st, 2018
New York, NY
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  • Rendering
  • The Elm Architecture
  • Annotating Types
  • Decoding JSON
  • Talking to Servers
  • Talking to JavaScript
  • Testing
  • Styling


This workshop will take you from zero knowledge of the Elm programming language to being able to build a webapp in it. First we'll discuss the benefits of Elm, including its highly cohesive independent package ecosystem, time-traveling debugger, and reputation for practically never crashing. Then we'll move on to language syntax, interaction, state management, testing, talking to servers, interoperating with JavaScript, and how to put them all together to build applications. Along the way we'll discuss tips and tricks for getting the most out of the language, including the most successful techniques people use to get started using it at work!

Richard is the author of Elm in Action from Manning Publications, the instructor for the Frontend Masters Elm curriculum, and author of the popular elm-test, elm-css, and elm-decode-pipeline packages. He's been using Elm professionally for over 3 years, working on a code base with over 250,000 lines of Elm code, at the company which employs Elm creator Evan Czaplicki.

About the instructor

Richard is the author of “Elm in Action” from Manning Publications. When he’s not writing about Elm, teaching Elm, speaking about Elm, or hosting the Philadelphia Elm meetup, he likes to take a break from his job writing production Elm at NoRedInk by kicking back and working on some of his open-source Elm projects. Some have said he’s “into Elm,” but he’s not sure where they got that wild idea.

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